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Energy/Φ, is the native governance Token for openverse network.
It's the second digital asset you can mine on your phone.
Start mining Energy cryptocurrency today with our free, energy-light mobile app!

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Openverse makes mining easy

Breakthrough tech allows you to mine Energy on your phone without draining your battery.

About app mission

Community airdrop, green mining

Openverse Club mining is not about using the computing power of a mobile phone to calculate a block, but rather the behavior of universal users logging in to the app every day to sign in and obtain Energy. The total amount of mining is 61.8 billion, which will be released within approximately one year.

Energy/Φ for community
Members aim
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How to mine

Sign in every day to earn Energy.

You can log in to the system and sign in once a day, and then click on sign in again after 23 hours.

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    Output and attenuation rules

    At the beginning, the daily output base for signed in mining was 100, with a decay rate of 0.618: If the user volume is 10000 members, reduce it once and the output becomes 61.8 per day; 100000 members, minus once, the output is 38.2 per day; One million members, reduced once, same as above; and so on.

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    About mining power addition

    Basic mining power: Each user will receive 100% of the basic output with each click Team computing power growth: When you invite 1 valid user, your computing power will increase by 20% until 5, with a maximum growth rate of 100%; Security Circle Computing Power Growth: When you add one security officer, your computing power will increase by 20% until you reach 5 positions, with a maximum growth rate of 100%;

The Roles in app ?

The roles of a miner and the identity granted are part of the miner's growth plan, and having different identities represents that your computing power may vary.

App Screenshots

Keep your money! Mining Energy is free. All you need is an invitation from an existing trusted member on the network. If you have an invitation you can download the mobile app below.

Contact Us

Of course, the Openverse ecosystem is a long-term ecosystem that requires a lot of effort to achieve success. If you have any suggestions or opinions on our green mining, please feel free to email us [email protected] Contact us.